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Star Wars Rebels Ashoka(Read Description) :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 17 6 Sabine Wren Force Arena :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 36 9 Killzone 3 ISA Scavenger :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 7 1 Killzone 3 ISA Medic :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 8 0 Killzone 3 ISA Tactician :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 5 1 Killzone 3 ISA Engineer :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 8 0 Star Wars Attack Squadron Lucrehulk 3 :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 6 1 Star Wars Attack Squadron Lucrehulk 2 :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 7 1 Star Wars Attack Squadron Lucrehulk :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 5 3 Star Wars First Assault Bespin 2 :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 5 4 Star Wars First Assault Bespin :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 6 7 StarWars Battlefront III Coruscant PC :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 10 3 Star Wars Battlefront 3 X2 GCW :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 12 1 Star Wars Battlefront 3 X2 Clonewars :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 20 1 Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 22 8 The Force Awakens Frist Order Flametrooper :iconjakegreen163:JakeGreen163 31 1


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Star Wars Rebels Ashoka(Read Description)
So this is a asset from a cancelled rebels game that was to take place between season 1 and 2, it would have you fighting characters from the first season and new heroes/Villains in the upcoming season 2 at the time like Lord Vader,the other inquisitors and darth maul and there was plans to add rex and other characters from the next half of the season into the game but it didn't get that far.

The game was to be a third person action/adventure featuring a tag team system with drop in and drop out online co-op  and local splitscreen, you at the beginning of every mission would pick from 2 of the Ghost Crew members along with Ashoka unless you was playing co-op then your player 2 would pick his or her character and you would be able to swap between both characters in singleplayer, you would fight in the streets of Lothal and various different planets from season 2.

The game would also features a duel mode with characters from both seasons which would include the Grand Inquisitors,2 versions of Kanan one with blaster and one with Lightsaber,Ezra sorta like Kanan but with is wrist slingshot or lightsaber),Sabine,Zeb,Maul,Vader,the different inquisitors from season 2,Rex,Kallus and more.

The game would of launched on the PS4,XBOX ONE,STEAM and the WII U and a Mobile version was planned but nothing ever came of that and would of released along side the premiere of season 2, the game was being licence by LucasFilm and Disney and wasn't under the Star wars games licence by EA as Disney/Lucasfilm has the full rights to make movie/tv show games,The person i got this stuff from asked me not to name the company that was creating the game.

Sadly the game hit a road block as the story wasn't properly lining up with season 2 of Rebels with season 2 characters meeting the Ghost Crew before they were suppose to in the show and Lucasfilms storygroup didn't approve of this and the company creating the game thought it would take longer to go back and write a new story and get it up within the game in the time needed to release it for season 2 so Disney and Lucasfilm shut down the game.

As for releasing this i will release it once i get all the other characters i have posted on here and then i will release them in a pack.
Killzone 3 ISA Scavenger
This soldier here is only seen at the beginning missions of Killzone 3 where they are stranded on Helgen and are in hiding odd though how they never leave the planet or anything until the ending but this guy never shows back up but i could be wrong.…


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Can you provide a list of all the stuff you have from the new battlefront? I'm trying to find the Rebel marine outfit and X-wing model you exported from the game but I can't seem to find them.
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